How to Write a Cover Letter

The main purpose of the Cover Letter is like the CV to market yourself and your abilities and thereby obtain a personal Interview.

In your CV you have provided the company with all the relevant information they need to know about you. The Cover Letter should focus on saying why you are applying for that particular job and to draw attention to one or two key points, which show you are suited for the job and that you can make a significant contribution to the company.

Like your CV your Cover Letter should be written in Spanish if you are applying for a job in Spain. It is important that you get someone to correct the letter for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors (particularly if you first language is not Spanish). If you need help correcting or writing a Spanish CV or Cover Letter see STG Job service.

Do always try to address the letter to a specific person. If you don't know the name call the company to find out to who you should send your application to.

As the CV it is also important that you tailor the Cover Letter directly to the job you are applying for. It is easy for an employer who are used to go through hundreds of enquiries to see whether you have taken the time to write a tailored Cover Letter or if you have just send out a standard letter

What to Include / Format

A Cover Letter should always be in one page (A4 format). Try to keep the same format as in your CV (text (size and founts), paper quality and margins).

Start the Letter with your Personal Information (name, address and phone number) in the top corner and then include the address of the company to which you are applying 2 lines below.

Write directly to the person responsible for the application. (i.e. Estimado Seor Fernndez).

A Cover Letter normally includes 4 paragraphs.

In the first paragraph
In the first paragraph you should make a reference to the advert and an introduction of your interest in both the company and the job you are applying for. If you are applying without an advert focus on your interest in the company and a possible position within the company.

The second paragraph
The second paragraph should focus on why you with your knowledge are suited for the job and how you can make a significant contribution to the company. Don't copy your CV but try to focus on how you with the experience shown in your CV are the best person for the job.

The third paragraph
In this paragraph you make yourself available for a job interview. This can be done by referring to the possibility of discussing your CV or professional experience in further detail.

The fourth paragraph
This is the end paragraph and only includes a few words like (Sin otro particular, se despide atentamente Or Con la certeza de recibir pronto noticias suyas)

Remember to always sign the letter and include date and location.

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