Places of interest in Spain

Spain offers visitors an excellent and wide diversity of interesting places to visit; in each Spanish city and Spanish town there is something of interest. All Spanish regions have their own Spanish specialty depending on the climate, geographical location in Spain, Spanish history and Spanish traditions.

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Guggenheim in Bilbao

In the north of Spain you find the Spanish Basque Country. The Basque Country is a part of "Green Spain" and is famous for its Spanish cuisine, the green countryside, which attracts Spanish tourist and foreigners interested in nature, mountains and the sea. Bilbao city, the Capital of the Basque Country, attracts tourists for being a beautiful town and for the modern Spanish museum Guggenheim (see photo), which is most famous for its extraordinary architecture. For tours available in the Basque Country click here.

To the Northwest lies Galicia, which also forms part of "Green Spain". Galicia is like the Basque Country known for its green countryside and being the principal fishing region of Europe. The last also attracts tourists to Galicia to experience the great variety of fresh Spanish fish. For tours available in Galicia click here.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral in BarcelonaBarcelona, the Capital of Catalonia (Northeast) and second largest city of Spain, has been home of many of the most famous artist of Spain. In the city you find splendid architecture by Gaudi, and painters such as Dali and Picasso also spent long periods in Catalonia. For tours available in the Barcelona and Catalonia click here.

Valencia lies along the Spanish Mediterranean coast (south of Catalonia) and attracts lots of tourists for its beaches and its pleasant climate. Another speciality of Valencia is the paella and the many popular Spanish town festivals celebrated there (for example "Fejas" in April). For tours available in the Valencia click here.

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Centre of Madrid

In the center of Spain lies Madrid (see also our Madrid Guide). As the capital of Spain since 1576, Madrid City hosts many historical Spanish monuments. The Royal castle and Spanish museums like el Prado and Reina Sofia (with paintings of Velasquez, Goya, Miro and Picasso) are only a few of the many great attractions the Spanish city presents. For tours available in the Madrid click here.

The rest of central Spain is mainly known for its historic Spanish cities (many of which are officially designated World Heritage places like Salamanca), great natural beauty and Spanish specialities like the red wine from Riojo or the Jamon Serrano (Spanish Ham) from Extramadura. For tours available in the Central Spain click here.

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Views of Malaga City

Andalucia is situated in the south of Spain and attracts the most tourists. The many superb Spanish beaches and the perfect Spanish climate are the greatest motives to visit this region, but there is so much more. Andalucia is also visited to discover the Spanish culture and the rich Spanish history of the area (like the Moorish Monuments Alhambra in Granada and the Mosque in Cordoba). The Spanish Festivals all over Andalucia from April to October, the hospitality of the Spanish people, and the great possibility to practice golf and water sports are great attractions wich make this Spanish region so popular (see our Malaga Guide, Granada Guide or Sevilla Guide). For tours available in Andalucia click here.


The Balearic and Canary Islands, in the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean are other important tourist areas of Spain. People mainly visits these islands for the Spanish sun and the Spanish beaches. Tenerife has deservedly retained its reputation as a paradise isle over the years, renowned for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking scenery and temperate climate. Read more in our Tenerife Guide. If you are interested in tourist tours see the following links Balearic Islands or Canary Islands.

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