Facts About Barcelona

Welcome on the facts about Barcelona page. On this page you can find several interesting facts about Barcelona. The most important facts about Madrid are listed here in a practical and handy list.

  • Size Province: 7.728,38 sq. km.
  • Population Province: 5,350,000
  • Population Capital: 1,673,075
  • Density: 676.25 inhabitants/sq. km.
  • Mean Altitude: 12 m above sea level
  • Average Temperature: 16.5 C (62 F), Summer 25 C (77 F), Winter 10 C (50 F)
  • Hours of Sun a Year: 2.483
  • Annual Rainfall: 584 mm/year
  • Foreigners: Over 268.000 foreigners live in Barcelona currently.
  • Distance To:
      Bilbao: 471 km (293 miles)
      Granada: 682 km (424 miles)
      Malaga: 771 km (479 miles)
      Seville: 831 km (516 miles)
      Salamanca: 657 km (408 miles)
      Valencia: 304 km (189 miles)
      Madrid: 505 km (314 miles)

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