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Alicante provides a wide range of choices for interesting free time activities all year around and it has much more to offer than just nice beaches and sun. In the Capital its possible to find everything from museums to small local markets and for people interested in going a bit further away the province of Alicante and the rest of Spain offers splendid opportunities.

Since Alicante is a university city there is always an abundance of activities and parties that give the city a great nightlife. But, not everything is based on the students of the university, so there is always something for everyone. There are a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs to choose from. You will be able to find some restaurants serving typical food from Alicante and the Valencian region, plus most any other type of dish or taste you’re hungry for. Since it is a coastal city, seafood places a big part in the gastronomy.

The best areas to go out are basically split into two parts, between the harbour and the city center. The harbour is much more popular during the summer months, and there are often live music or art performances along the Explanadade España. During the night there are many pubs, restaurants and cafés around this area.

Tour operators. If you are responsible for a group of people who are planning to visit Alicante or other parts of Spain we can help you arrange a number of different activities. Please see our special section Tourist Activities in Spain.

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