Build a Property in Spain

Building a property in Spain is becoming more and more popular amongst foreigners in Spain.
Buying a plot of land and building a property will in many cases be cheaper than buying a second hand home and for private people it gives the advantage of being able to decide exactly how the house is going to be designed. Apart from the individuals there are many professional investors and associations of private investors who earn good returns on the initial investment by building and reselling properties.

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From a financial point of view it is tempting to decide to construct a property or to invest in the property sector in Spain but there are still a lot of legal and bureaucratic complications involved with the process.

On the links below you can find a lot of useful information about constructing a property in Spain. You can also find answers to many of your questions about legal and financial issues as well as a step-by-step guide to constructing a property in Spain.

Guide to Construct a Property in Spain - If you are planning to build a property in Spain you can find a complete guide including initial steps about finding the right plot, an introduction to the financial elements involved with the construction, including costs and information about how to finance the project and an introduction to the most important legal elements of constructing in Spain.

Guides and Articles about the Real Estate Sector in Spain - On this site you can find a lot of useful information and guides about the Real Estate sector in Spain.

Off Plan Property in Spain - If you are interested in a new property without going through all the hassle of building it yourself you can find information about Off Plan Properties in Spain on this website.

Buy a Property in Spain - In this section you can find further information if you are looking to buy a property in Spain including our Real Estate index for property agents in Spain.

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