Apartments for Rent in Barcelona - Long Term Rentals

If you are planning to come to Barcelona to stay for a longer period one of your biggest worries is properly finding a place to live. In this section you can find information about how to find an apartment as well as general information about how the long term rental market works in Spain.

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Barcelona for a short vacation take a look at the section Vacation Rentals in Barcelona or Click Here for a complete list of apartments available for short term rent.

How to find an Apartment in Barcelona
How to look for an apartment for long term rental in Barcelona depends a lot on how long time you plan to stay in Barcelona.
If you are planning to stay in Barcelona for less than 5 months then you will properly be best of with booking an apartment via internet before you arrive as this is both easier and quicker than having to look for an apartment when you arrive to Barcelona and furthermore it might be difficult to find a long term rental for less than 6 months.

We have a great selection of apartments available for rental on a weekly basis and where you will get good discounts if you rent on a monthly basis. These apartments are provided in collaboration with bookassist an Irish company specialised in accommodation rentals worldwide - Click Here for further information about apartments available.

If you are planning to stay for 6 months or more then you will be able to find the best prices renting through one of the many real estate agents specialised in long term rentals in Barcelona or directly through a Spanish landlord. But be aware as many flats advertised on the internet for long term rental are not as they look like on the photos and some don't even exist and are scams to get a deposit out of foreign renters.
We highly recommend not to sign any long term rental contract or to pay any deposit at all before you have seen the apartment in person. If you are not able to travel to Barcelona before your final arrival to visit and choose an apartment to rent we recommend that you start of with booking either a hotel or an apartment for a couple of weeks. This how you can visit a number of flats and get to know the city and the different neighbourhoods better before you decide upon an apartment to rent for the rest of your stay.

You can find a great selection of apartments for long term rent by both private landlords and real estate agents on websites like or

Legal Aspects of Long Term Apartment Renting
In Spain there exist mainly two type of rental contracts - short term rentals which are any period of less than 1 year and long term contracts that are between 1 and 5 years.

A short term contract can be of any length from 1 day up to one year and in this contract the total payment can be defined as both parties decides either the total amount up from or on a monthly basis if the contract is for several months.

In a long term contract the rent is always paid on a monthly basis and renters have the right to stay in the accommodation from 1 to 5 years. The monthly rent can only be changed according to the official price index once per year. In a long term contract the renter also have more privacy as the landlord are not allowed to visit or inspect the flat more than once per year and only when the renter have been advised previously. In short term contracts the owner can inspect the flat nearly as much as they wish to and it is also easier for the owner to get rid of renters that do not pay the rent on time.

For both long and short it is normal to sign a standard contract which are sold at the official Estancos. The contract should clearly state the name of the owner, the renter, the exact address of the flat, the time period of the rental, how and when the rent is paid, the deposit needed to paid initially (the deposit can be anything from a fixed amount to several months rent) as well as a thorough description of the apartment.

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