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Leisure & Entertainment in Salamanca

Below you can find information about activities that you can visit during your stay in Salamanca. If you are looking for information about tourist activities for groups please see our section Tourist Activities in Spain.

Going to the theatre is a good way to experience another part of the Spanish culture. In Salamanca the most popular theatres are Teatro Liceo (plaza del Liceo), Teatro Bretn (Plza. Bretn, 12), Teatro Juan del Enzina (Tostado) and Liceo theatre (Pza. Liceo, s/n) which plays all kind of Spanish dramas and musicals.

If you are here in Spain to learn Spanish the Cinema is good option. All movies are translated into Spanish, which at the beginning can be annoying but definitely will help foreign students improve their Spanish. Cinemas can be found all over Salamanca. The following are a few examples of the most popular cinemas: Bretn (Plaza Bretn, 12), Van Dick (Av. Torres Villaroel, 40) and Multicines Salamanca (C/ Sol, 8).

Attraction Parks
The only attraction park located in the province of Salamanca is the aqua park and swimming pools Piscina de la Aldehuela located on Aldehuela de los Guzmanes. If you are interested in going a bit further away (2-3 hours by car) you can find several attraction parks in the province of Madrid (Madrid Guide).

If you just want to go out and have fun or a friendly competition there are many possibilities in Salamanca. To mention a few examples there is the bowling alley on Franciscas, 2 and dart or pool in several bars in Salamanca. For people interested in gambling you can find bingo's and smaller gambling halls throughout Salamanca or the Casinos of Salamanca, which is located on Calle Concejo in the old Palace Rodrguez de Figueroa.

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