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If you are planning to come to Valencia on holidays or to live for a shorter period we can offer you a small selection of apartments in Valencia. For further information about the apartments available in Valencia or to make a booking online Click Here.

We can also offer a wide selection of apartments and villas for rent along the coast of Valencia provided in collaboration with HomeAway the leading online holiday rental website.
For full information about vacation rentals on the coast of Valencia Click Here.

Why Rent an Apartment in Valencia
It is today becoming more and more popular to rent an apartment for a vacation in Valencia and other Spanish cities instead of booking a room in a hotel. The main reasons for this is the price and that many people feel more comfortable renting their own apartment compared to staying in a hotel.

If you are planning to stay for more than 4 days then renting an apartment is normally cheaper compared to a similar quality hotel. Also for shorter stays it can be cheaper to rent an apartment especially if you are travelling 3 or more people together and if you are travelling in a small group of up to 10 people then you can save a lot of money.
Apart from saving money on the actual accommodation you can also save money by not having to eat all your meals out as all the apartments offered has a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook some of your meals.

The second reason why many people prefer to rent an apartment is because they feel more comfortable than in a hotel. When you rent an apartment you will feel less like a tourist and more like actually living in the city. Another great advantage of renting an apartment is that you will have more space. All apartments (apart from the studio apartments) have a fully furnished living room where you can relax and socialise with your friends and family without having to go to a bar, cafeteria or a crowded lobby in a hotel.

You do of course not get the same service as in a hotel with daily cleaning, concierge or reception 24 hours per day but this is one of the main reasons why apartments are cheaper than hotels.

For examples of apartments available in Valencia including photos or to make a booking Click Here.

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