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Are looking for a cheap hostel in Alicante, a youth hostel or an inexpensive hotel? In this section you can find some useful tips that can help you out or if you want to take a look of the options available Click Here.

If you are planning a visit to Alicante and do not have a lot of money or prefer spending your money on going out and having fun a hostel or a cheap hotel is a great option.

You can of course not expect any luxury at all but compared to many other countries the standards of the youth hostels and cheap hotels are not very bad in Spain. In most youth hostels you can find both individual and shared rooms of up to 10 people and the bath facilities are normally shared.

The majority of people staying in these places are youngsters between 18-30 years old but there are also few people above this age group. It is also a great way to meet new people and if you are just looking for a place to sleep and take a shower then this is a perfect option.

How to find a cheap hostel or cheap hotel
You basically have two options if you are looking for a cheap hostel in Alicante: You can book via the internet in advance or you can look for a place when you arrive to Alicante.

If you are travelling around in Spain and do not have a fixed schedule then the best option is properly to look for a place when you arrive. Do some research on the internet before you take off and then you can visit the different places upon arrival to Alicante. The only problem with this option is that there might not be any beds/rooms available and the price might be a bit higher as the discounts you normally get for booking in advance is not available.

If you are sure about when you will arrive to Alicante then it can highly be recommended to book in advance via the internet. When booking in advance you will first of all be sure you have accommodation when you arrive and you will normally be able to find it a bit cheaper than the official prices when booking in advance.

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