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Going Out at Night in Malaga

If you like going out at night Malaga is the perfect place to be. There are many different types of bars and clubs, which make it possible for everybody to find something they like. Spanish nightlife in general starts very late no matter if you are going out for a drink or for ''fiesta'. Restaurants tend to start serving dinner at 20.00 until 23.00/24.00 and bars normally don't get busy until after 24.00.

Bars and Discos in Malaga and Costa del Sol
In and around Malaga you can find all the bars and discotheques you desire. There are everything from traditional Spanish bars, reggae bars, funk bars, jazz bars to gay and techno clubs.
The different places to go out at night in Malaga are divided by zones. In the old center on Plaza Merced Spanish youngsters starts around 22.00 Thursdays to Saturday with the classic "botellon" (people meet and buy drinks, ice, cups in the nearby shops and then drinks in the square). After 23.00 the bars in the center starts to get busy and carries on until about 6.00 am in the morning.
La Malagueta is the modern zone near the beach where the more fashionable people goes out at night. This zone has several trendy bars but closes down at about 3-4 am.
The last zone in Malaga to go out is the Pedragalejo to the East of the center near the coast. This zone has a lot of bars with terraces and normally there are many tourists and foreign students in this zone.
Going a bit further away (30 minutes by bus) you find the towns Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Marbella which are typical tourist areas with a myriad of bars and some of the biggest and most fashionable discotheques in Spain.

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