Buy or Rent a Cellular Phone in Spain

Keeping in touch in Spain doesnt have to cost a small fortune! Buying or hiring a Spanish cell phone or SIM is the cheapest and most convenient way to make and receive calls from home. With a local cellular phone, all incoming calls are free while outgoing calls cost a fraction of the price of calls made through your service provider or from a hotel. Buying or renting a cell enables you to take advantage of the local cell phone rates in the country or countries where you'll be travelling. Cell phones from the US are generally incompatible with the Spanish GSM system and the majority will not work once you arrive in the country.

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Together with a handset rental or purchase, you will also need to buy a prepaid Spanish SIM card. A SIM cardalso known as a chipslips easily into the proper GSM phone. The SIM card is the "brain" of the phone and is what allows you to make calls or receive them within Spain or to anywhere in the world. The card is linked to a prepaid account so that you will never receive a phone bill and will always be in complete control of your expenditures. If necessary, you can simply add more talk time to your account by purchasing a scratch-off recharge card and entering the unique code off the card into the handset. Since incoming calls are always free, even if you have depleted your credit you can still receive incoming calls from anywhere in the world.

Cellular Abroad is an international cell phone rental company specialising in cellular phone use abroad - including in Spain. The company offers a range of package options that will help you to get the best deal on your chosen handset. Cellular Abroad will deliver the cell and SIM to your door before you leave for Spain, saving you the hassle of searching for a good deal in country. To view call costs and package prices see

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All cell phone rentals and purchases from Cellular Abroad include:
• A GSM cellular phone with a battery, fully charged and ready to go
• International plug adaptes
• International 110-220 volt charger
• Phone box and User Guide
• Convenient leather travel fanny pack

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