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To set up your own company in Spain can be a long and complicated task especially if you don't fully dominate the Spanish language or know the Spanish way of life. This site is dedicated to help foreigners interested in starting up their own or buying a business in Spain. Here you can find general information about doing business in Spain (see below) or more specific information about how to set up a limited company or how to buy an existing business. See also this guide about Business in Spain for further information.

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Doing Business in Spain

Spain is a country, which in the last decades after entering the EU in 1984 has improved its economy and infrastructure significantly. The country still has a GNP (Gross National Product) below European average but many sectors in Spain are in expansion and the number of foreigners who starts up a business in Spain is increasing.

The strongest industries in Spain have traditionally been the service sector and the tourist industry. Within these sectors you can find international companies like Telefonica, the banks BBVA and BSCH and Repsol-YPF that have dominant positions in Europe and South America.

The service sector in Spain is located in big towns like Madrid and Barcelona where you also find a large number of international companies. You find the tourist industry throughout coastal Spain - principally in the Canary and Balearic islands and in Costa del Sol in Andalucia.

The many foreigners who have settled down in Spain have brought a complete industry of services like schools, shops, doctors, estate agents targeted to and serviced by foreigners. Apart from the service targeted to foreigners living in Spain it is popular among foreigners to open a business in the tourist industry like a bar, restaurant or hotel.

As mentioned above setting up a company in Spain is not a straightforward process like in many other countries. There are many bureaucratic obstacles and a lot of paper work, which has to be solved before you can start doing business. We hope this guide and the services provided by Accom will help you make the process of starting a business in Spain easier.

Included in this guide are information about:
- How to start up your own limited company in Spain,
- Guidance about buying an existing business.

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