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Below you can find some photos of Malaga City. If you are interested in further photos of Malaga City, Costa del Sol and the rest of Malaga Province take a look at the end of this site.

Malaga City Overview

Malaga city overview

Welcome to Malaga, a city with many faces. The westside of Malaga completely composed by office buildings and flats. The historical centre with its narrow streets, typical Spanish architecture and beautiful shopping street. On the east side of Malaga the richer neighbourhoods are to be found and also the more typical Spanish architecture. The Mountains surrounding Malaga are built over with large villas and the city's castle Gibralfaro. Malaga has a lot of extensive beaches such as Los Alamos, Pedregalejo and Malagueta. Being located in Andalucia, Malaga still maintains bullfights wich are held almost monthly.

Malagueta Beach - Playa Malagueta

Malaga Malagueta beach

Playa Malagueta is one of the most famous beaches of Malaga. Its extensive size of more than 2 kilometers of sand and shells makes it one of the larger city beaches in Malaga. On the beach you can find lots of bars with terraces where you can eat the typical Spanish Paella or other delicious fresh sea food. Next to the beach are a lot of bars and discotheques where you can relax or show off your dancing skills. The Malagueta beach is very close to the centre, so if you want to escape the heat of the sand you can either walk or take the bus that stops right in front of the beach. If you are planning on going there; have fun! If not, just swoon away by this picture and imagine laying down there under the beautiful palm trees ,)

The Castle - El Gibralfaro

Malaga Gibralfaro

Malaga is not known for its cultural heritage but more for the relaxing atmosphere. But if you do want to add some culture to your visit to Malaga luckily there are opportunities. To begin with, you have the city's castle named Gibralfaro. You can reach the top of the mountain either by bus or walking and the entrance fee is very low (tip: the Malaga tourist bus is very expensive and doesn't really take you anywhere a regular bus, which is much cheaper, does). Within the upper part of the Gibralfaro things are left the same way as they used to be for the past hundred years. There's an overview of which vegetations are there to be found. From the towers you have amazing views over Malaga, the centre, the beaches and other neighbourhoods.

The Castles Gardens - Jardines del Gibralfaro

Malaga Gibralfaro Gardens

The lower part of the Gibralfaro is to be accesed from the centre, it is not possible to walk from the upper part strait into the lower part. Here are the gardens of the Gibralfaro. It is a mixture of morish and roman styles that give the garden a special atmosphere and beautiful charisma. The lower part of the castle is much more beautiful than the upper part and also has nice views over the city. But the upper part is sincerely worth a visit if only for its views.

Roman Theatre - Teatro Romano

Malaga Teatro Romano

Next to the lower part of the Gibralfaro an authentic Roman theatre is being restored. Although it is being restored it is still interesting to travel back in time and think about how people used to enjoy performances here hundreds of years ago. At night this romantic feeling is most present when the theatre is well lighted.

Paseo del Parque

Malaga Paseo del Parque

Paseo del Parque is a beautiful area to relax. With big monumental buildings, wide lanes to walk around and an extensive beautiful recently renovated park. It's the perfect environment to chill out.


Malaga Pedregalejo beach

Fifteen minutes away from the centre are the beaches of Pedregalejo. This is a completely different atmosphere than Malagueta or Los Alamos. Here you will find the typical Spanish houses right at the beach, no traffic a lot of bars and beaches shaped in small bays. On these beaches are more Spanish people or at least inhabitants of Malaga than for example on Malagueta. It is most definetely worth a visit because this is the perfect example of the relaxed atmosphere that Malaga is known for.

More Photos of Malaga

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