Vacation Rentals of Apartments in Barcelona

If you are planning to come to Barcelona on holidays and will like to stay in your own apartment instead of a hotel we can help you find suited apartment to rent. We can offer everything from small studios to bigger apartments all over the city of Barcelona - for a full list of apartments available Click Here.
(We also have a nice selection of villas and apartments for rent throughout the costs of Barcelona – See Costa Brava Vacation Rentals for more information).

All the apartments we offer are fully equipped with a complete kitchen, own bathroom and are fully furnished and are available for rent from one day up to as long as you need the apartment.
You can find photos and reviews from previous tenants of all apartments which can help you choose the right place.

Why Rent an Apartment
Renting an apartment for your vacation in Barcelona instead of staying in a hotel offers many advantages. If you are planning to travel 4 or more people together it is in general cheaper than staying in a hotel and offers you the advantage that you have kitchen facilities so you don't have to eat out all the time and a living room where you can socialise. We have apartments available for groups up to 12 persons so if you are planning on travelling with friends or your family an apartment is a great option instead of having to book several hotel rooms and having to meet up in lounge of the hotel whenever you have any plans.

If you are planning to move to Barcelona to stay for longer period renting an apartment for a few weeks is a very good start while you look for your own apartment for long term rental. Apart from saving you a lot of money not having to stay in expensive hotels while you look for a permanent place to live it can newer be recommend to sign a long term rental contract (minimum 1 year) without having actually seen the apartment.

Some good reasons to use Spanish Town Guides Accommodation Services:

  • First of all the Spanish renting system is not very efficient and in many towns (Barcelona included) so finding an apartment when you are already in Barcelona can be a difficult job.
  • It can be hard for foreigners who do not fully dominate the Spanish language to communicate with a Spanish landlord.
  • We offer an easy and convenient booking system online. You can go through the different apartments available online, see photos, a full description of the apartment, a map of the exact location and make the final reservation online.
  • Apartments are available from one day to several months with great discounts offered on long term bookings.

For examples of apartments available in Barcelona including photos Click Here.

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