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If you are planning to move to Spain this guide can provide you with useful information about how to go along with your plans. Although you have visited Spain several times as a tourist we can recommend to spend a longer period here before you make a final decision about settling in Spain. You have to be prepared for the more relaxed Spanish culture and life-style and don't move to here alone for the weather.

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Where and How to Live
The first decision you have to take is where you are going to live. This decision should not only be taken on where you have spent your vacation or have friends or relatives. We recommend also to think about whether you can find a job in that area, a school for your children and other factors which will normally influence your choice of living in your country.

The second choice you have to take is how to live. Are you going to buy your own property or rent it and what type of home are you looking for. It might a good idea to start renting a place instead of buying. This how you have time to find out if you like to stay in Spain, where you want to buy a property and what type of home you are looking for. If you prefer to buy a property it is not a bad solution either as properties in Spain have a good investment value and you can always rent it or sell it if you wish turn back to your own country (for further information see the section Buy a Property in Spain).

How to Move and What to Bring
When you have decided upon where and how to live you have to resolve how to move and what to bring. If you want to move with all your belongings the easiest way is to contract a specialist in long distance moving (see Removals to Spain UK Removals to Spain moving Spanish house and home moves door to door service England to Spain removals to Costa Blanca Alicante Costa). Be aware of that most flats in Spain are rented fully or semi furnished so if you are planning rent a place take this into consideration before you move all your belongings. If you are bringing fewer possessions you can move by car or buy plane.

When you are preparing to move you have to make clear what to bring. If you are coming from an E.U. country you can easily bring your personal belongings such as your pets and furniture. Make sure to bring all your personal documents (passport, birth certificate, marriage certificates, medical history etc.) and make at least 3 copies of each and store it in a safe place. You can also bring your car, van or other vehicles when you are moving to Spain. Officially you are only allowed to use a vehicle that is registered in another country for 6 months before you are supposed to register it in Spain.

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Upon Arrival
Although you are coming from another E.U. country you still need a living permission to stay in Spain and if you are planning to work you also need work permission. If you are not planning to work in Spain you can easily live without the permissions for a while. Anyway we can recommend to apply as soon as possible after your arrival as you will be asked for these documents every time you need any official papers (for medical visits, when registering a car or buying a property, etc.). To get the necessary application forms you need to go to the National Police (Policia Nacional) where you also have to return the forms.
To apply for the living permission, apart from filling in the application form, you need to bring 4 passport photos, your original passport including 4 copies, rental contract or title deeds and they will normally ask for proof that you can support yourself (either by showing an income or a certificate from a bank with proof of savings).
To get a working permission you need first of all to have a work contract for minimum 6 months. This situation can be a bit complicated, as you normally don't have the time to arrange all the paper work and visits to the police station when you have found a job. Apart from a work contract you need to apply for a National Insurance Number (NIE), fill in the application form and bring your full documentation (the same as when applaying for the livinng permision) to the national police station.

If you don't fully dominate the Spanish language we can recommend to bring someone who can help you. Although you have a complete list of what to bring be prepared of that there is always missing something and that it is rarely that you solve official application forms on your first visit.

When you have completed the initial permissions you also need to think about getting your car registered in Spain, finding a school for your children and learn or improve the Spanish language (see the Study Spanish section).
In general you have two options if you want to study Spanish in Spain in private school like Enforex or CLIC Sevilla or in a university in Spain. The private schools are normally recommend for short intensive courses but if you plan to study for more than 3 months a university might be the best option for you.

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