Guide to Buying Property in Spain

If you are thinking about buying a property in Spain you can find a lot of useful information on this site as well as links to some of the best and most recognised Estate Agents in our Spain Real Estate Directory.

Buying a property in Spain is a very attractive idea for many people and although this can be highly recommended both for personal, family and financial reasons there are still many possible pitfalls and things you will need to know before you can realize this dream.

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In our Real Estate Guide about buying property in Spain you can find useful information that hopefully can make the process of becoming a Spanish real estate owner easier. This guide is just an introduction to the real estate sector in Spain and can help you answer some of your initial questions but it also provides links to professionals where you can get further legal and financial advice.

Apart from the financial and legal advice you will also need help of a qualified Real Estate Agent to assist you locating exactly the property you are looking for. Finding the right Real Estate Agent is not always an easy task as there exist thousands of agents all over Spain that are specialized in offering properties to foreigners and many of these do not always offer good and professional advice. To help you make the job easier we have made a guide about what to look out for before choosing an Estate Agent in Spain as well as a Real Estate Directory with information about some of the best agents available throughout Spain.

Guide to Buy a Property in Spain - Here you can find information about how to find the right property, an introduction to the financial elements of buying a property in Spain and an presentation of the most important legal things to be aware of before you sign any document.

Choosing the Right Estate Agent – This is a brief guide about what to take into consideration before choosing an estate agent in Spain.

Spain Real Estate Directory - This is our special directory with information about some of the best estate agents throughout the country including facts about the agents, number of offices, years in the business, languages spoken, information about the service offered and contact details for each agent.

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