Cheap Hostels in Tenerife

If you are planning to visit Tenerife and are looking for cheap accommodation we can offer you a nice selection of hostels, pensions, guest houses and cheap hotel with prices starting at 11Eur per night.
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Below you can find more general information about the hostels in Tenerife, the people that stays in hostels and where you can find hostels.

Cheap Accommodation in Tenerife
There are many different types of cheap accommodation all over Tenerife. First of all we can divide the accommodation into different groups like hostels, guest houses, pension or cheap hotels and secondly we can divide the accommodation in two groups - the accommodation located in tourist areas and the accommodation located in none tourist areas.

In the first group there are not always a clear difference from the different categories and in some cases a good hostel can be much nicer than a cheap hotel so before selecting the type of accommodation you should go through photos and reviews from previous guests. A guest house is typically a bit different from the other categories and you will normally not find this type of accommodation in tourist areas.

As to the location whether the cheap accommodation is located within a tourist destination or not there is a bigger difference both in the type of the accommodation and in the people that normally stays there.
Typically the cheap accommodation located in tourist areas is normally occupied by groups of youngster that are looking for as cheap accommodation as possible. Their main reason for visiting Tenerife is for having fun and enjoying the beach and night life and as they do not spend much time in the accommodation they do not care much about the standard. If you are looking for fun and a cheap place to stay then this is a great option but on the other hand if you like the place to be quiet at night or if you are looking for a nice place to relax then this is not a good option.

In the cheap accommodation outside the popular tourist destinations you will find a wider range of different people and different locations. You can find cheap accommodation in one of the smaller coastal villages, in the inland areas and in the capital of Santa Cruz. In the coastal areas you will find all types of people in all age groups and the main reasons for choosing this type of accommodation is the price, to get outside the main tourist areas and to discover a typical village in Tenerife. The accommodation located inland in Tenerife is visited a lot by nature lovers that will like to spend time in the natural park of Teide. The last option in the capital Santa Cruz you will find mainly youngsters that are either looking for accommodation for a longer period or visiting the city of Santa Cruz.

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