About Studying in Spain

Why Study Spanish

Below you can find some of the reasons why the Spanish language and culture has become so popular as well as some facts about the language.

  • The Spanish language is spoken by approx. 600 million people worldwide, with over 380 million native speakers and it is official language in 21 countries.
  • In USA alone there are approx. 35 million native Spanish speakers and the number is still increasing.
  • Spanish is an official language in many international organizations and is widely used in the world of art and tourism.
  • The Spanish speaking world has made some of the greatest contributions to the world of art and literature. To mention a few famous artist there are Goya, Picasso, Mir and Dali and authors like Cervantes, Garcia Marques and Isabel Allende.
  • The improvements in the Spanish and the South American economies and the opening to the south of the American trading association NAFTA is making Spanish an even more important language in the world of business.

Studying Abroad

The most effective way to learn a new language is defiantly by studying and living in a country where they speak the language. The reasons why studying abroad is so efficient is the combination between daily classroom teaching and learning by practising your skills throughout the day. Language experts agree that students will learn the same by studying 2-4 weeks in a foreign country as to study a foreign language 1 year in your own country.

The Learning Process
The teaching methods used by most Spanish language schools is very interactive as the number of students in each class is low. In the classroom the teacher will focus on improving your vocabulary combined with a structured learning of grammar and syntax and from day one everything is done in Spanish. For students at higher levels, classroom teaching will include watching Spanish movies, discussing different topics (i.e. politics or culture) and doing presentations for your classmates.

As mention one of the most important reasons why studying abroad is so effective is because you live in the country and therefore learn by doing normal things as shopping, talking with your neighbours or visiting a restaurant. It is more motivating studying abroad and you learn while having a friendly conversation, participating in cultural or sport arrangements or by going out at night.

Another way to make sure that your Spanish improve rapidly is to live with a Spanish host family. In a host family you will participate in meals, family gatherings and you will have to practice Spanish all the time as most Spanish families do not speak any foreign language. This is also a good way to learn more about the Spanish culture and many students create a close relationship with their family, which last much longer than their stay in Spain.

A third point that is important especially when studying in a foreign country for a longer period is to get in contact with the local population. Many foreigners tend only to relate with other foreign students from their school and with other foreign students it is very difficult to practise Spanish, as the common language normally is English. Many Spanish schools arrange exchange of languages between foreign and Spanish students, which is a very good way to get in contact the local youth.

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