To set up an S.L. you have to follow the steps below (remember to always bring all your papers and your identification (+ at least 5 copies) to all the meetings you have with different Spanish institutions):

1. First of all you need a certificate (Certificacion Negativa del Nombre (CNN)) stating that the company name you intent to use is not taken. This can be bought in the Registro Mercantil for about 10.

2. The next step is to get a temporary CIF number (company identification number). To get this you have to fill in the model 037, bring 2 copies of you identification and the original CNN. This can be done in the 'Camara de Comercio' or the 'Ventanilla Unica' in your town.

3. Thereafter you need to deposit 3003 in a bank account opened in the company's name. You need a certificate from the bank stating that you have made the deposit.

4. The next step is to prepare the official statement of the company (Escritura) and make a public notary sign it. The official statement of the company is saying who is the owners, the address of the company, what the company will be doing etc. Normally the elaboration of this statement is included in the public notary fee (which can range between 200 and 1000).

5. The company now need to pay a tax of 1% of the initial capital, which is 1% of the bank deposit (minimum 30.03). This should be done in the tax administration office using the form 600. Remember to bring a copy of and the original 'Escritura' and a copy of your temporary CIF number.

6. When you have paid the above tax you need a certificate from the Registro Mercantil (the same place where you got the CNN) of your Escritura.

7. Now you need to fill in the following forms 36 or 37 (a declaration of starting your activity) and the inscription of the company with social security (form TA6) at the 'Camara de Comercio' or the 'Ventanilla Unica'. You also need to acquire and bring a book called Libro de Visitas, which is an official book used by the government when they do official inspections of your company.

8. The next step (also at the Camara de 'Comercio' or the 'Ventanilla Unica') depends on the number of employees there is going to be in the company. If the only workers are the owners then you need to fill in the form TA 0521/B. If you need other employees you need to get a pre-contract for social security.

9. At this stage you also need to apply for licenses with the local government if it is needed. In generally all public places like bars and shops and also manufactures need a special license (In the 'Camara de Comercio' or the 'Ventanilla Unica' they can inform you about licenses needed to run your business. It is also a very good idea to also seek professional help for this issue).

10. If your company is going to have employees (apart from the owners) you need to register them with a local INEM office (unemployment office).

11. The company can start to operate as soon as you have received all your licenses. The last step is to get the final CIF number at the 'Camara de Comercio' or the 'Ventanilla Unica' by showing the original certificate from the Registro Mercantil of your Escritura.

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